Thursday, May 10, 2012

Well, hey there, blogosphere

Long time, no see, universe. How's it going? It's been three years since I visited the World of Beth blog.You look good. Your hair has changed, no?

Today I revisited several of the blogs I used to follow religiously and WHOA. Things had been shaken up significantly. These people that I've never met - never interacted with - they had changed. Evolved. Some had gotten divorced; some had had children; some had written books. I felt like I was getting back in touch with old friends. It was nice to hear what they had been up to - hearing their old familiar voices and issues and catching up since 2003 when I "met" a lot of these virtual friends. Seeing pictures of what they looked like now and where they had been on vacation.

I like the voyueristic nature of blogs. That you're essentially reading someone else's diary. Their "Web log." Their journal of the daily minutea and workaday issues that stress them out and make them giddy and sad and crafty and alive. I haven't blogged in three years and its mind-boggling to think about how that word has evolved since then. Everyone has a blog. Every celebrity, politician, reporter, high school student and divorced mom has a blog. It's cool. It's hideous. It' we communicate now.  We don't tell people how we feel anymore - we blog about it.

Facebook replaced the blog for a while. Not sure if this will last or what I'll cover in this space. Figured it was worth revisiting. Anyhoo, we'll see how this journey goes.

What's new with YOU?