Saturday, February 16, 2008

Beth's Other BFF, George Michael. No, not THAT George Michael

So I guess Beth has been living under a rock, but I just now found out that Michael Cera of "Arrested Development" and "Juno" had this bizarrely addictive and hilarious Internet series called "Clark and Michael." Um, have you seen this thing, World at Large? It's worth spending some time with, if only to see the two guys frolicking a la "Three's Company during the opening credits.

I confess I haven't seen Juno or Superbad, but I did develop a pretty strong obsession with Mr. Cera during his stint at Arrested Development. He may be some sort of super comedic boy genius. Sure he was born in 1988 which makes me feel a wee bit dirty/Mrs. Robinson-esque, but hey, it's not like I want to do anything particularly naughty with him. Maybe a light saber fight in his garage while he's dressed up like George Michael and I'm dressed up like Anne, but that's it.
Um, was that weird fantasty maybe a little too specific there? It's time to go to bed....

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Blogging "Neath the Law With My New BFF

Let's face it - this blog is way overdue for some hilarious wackiness, and that's just what my new Boy Crush Jack McBrayer brings to you in this sketch called "Livin' 'Neath the Law" from Funny or Die. I"m sorry, but I could seriously watch this sketch over and over again and never find it getting old. There's another episode available here that teaches "how to keep your bitches in line" that is equally gut-busting. The bulldog pillow? The Georgia accent....the grin....the's too much. TOO MUCH I TELL YOU.

Have I gone off the edge? Perhaps a wee bit. But I love Jack McBrayer. Scratch that. I heart him, and you know that's like 10 times more serious than loving someone. I also heart Tina Fey-slash-Liz Lemon, but that's a whole 'nothing blog post in itself.
Happy I'm-A-Okay-By-Myself-Tines Day, folks. Put on your best NBC page jackets and find your own version of Kenneth to obsess over while eating caramels as you suft online all night. It's not sad. No, it's not. Not at all....

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

An Open Letter to the World of Beth

Dear World of Beth,

What am I going to DO with you people? You leave me no choice but to make a complete and utter cornball out of myself, folks.

To say "thank you" for all of the kind words and support and hilarious headbutting memories of Mrs. Puff just doesn't seem adequate - and yet, it's all I can do. Thank you for the calls and the emails and the text messages and the flowers and blog comments and strippergrams (okay, maybe not...)....thank you for just being there, and for Always Just Being There even when I am infuriating and difficult and distant and retreat from the world for weeks on end. Thank you for getting me through this. Thank you for making me realize that I am not utterly and completely alone. Thank you for supporting me through such an awful decision. Thank you for making me laugh even during tough times.

Thank you for being a friend (cue "Golden Girls" theme song....).

Seriously, you've all been so great. Headbutts and giant bellies for you all.


Sunday, February 10, 2008

A really awful, awful decision

Well World at Large, it's with an incredibly heavy and sniffly heart that I've made the decision to send Mrs. Puff to the Rainbow Bridge. We've got an appointment on Tuesday morning.

When I had to make this call with Thomas the Wonder Cat a few years ago, my decision was so much simpler - he had wasted away to just fur and bones and was a shell of his former self. I knew it was time and I was comforted that I had made the right decision for him.

It's not that clear cut with Puff. Where Thomas' decline lasted for several months (too long, I now realize) this has sprung up out suddenly, seemingly randomly, and in less than a month my apartment has been transformed into a 500 square foot pet hospital, filled with pills and special foods and Sub-Q equipment. It's so much to get my head and my heart around. How the hell did this happen?

The most heart-wrenching part is that, despite what the vet has called a "very guarded" prognosis, Puff's still very much her usual self. She's snuggly and alert and headbutting as usual. Still, we're likely talking a matter of weeks or months - they can't say at this point. But I'm enough of a realist to know that these "good days" will not last forever and the time will come when she'll waste away and stop "murfing" at me for food in the early morning and she'll hide under the bed and barf and be in pain all the time. And I can't have that - not for her and not for me, either.

There's a big part of me that feels selfish and cowardly for not doing everything in my power to help save Puff and give her the best care possible - second opinions, alternative treatments, etc. But in the end, the end result will always the same - this is, after all, a disease that can only be managed and treated but never cured. And I can't see her get sick like that, nor can I continue stuffing pills down her throat and making her miserable just to prolong her life. Instead I'd like to remember Puffster as she was....a cranky, opinionated, grossly obese cat with poor grooming skills and an endless appetite for snuggling close next to people while they're sleeping.

Think good Puff thoughts this week....

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Update on Puffster

Hey kids.

Yeah, I know. Almost two months since lastt I blogged and boy have I heard about it. The fact is, there haven't been a lot of quirky amusing stories worth blogging about - the holidays came and were is plugging along (stressful as always)'s just same ol', same ol'.

But I've got an update on Mrs. Puff that I wanted to share since I've only told a few about this so far. The Puffster's got "kidney insufficiency." I took her to the emergency room last weekend because she wouldn't stop barfing, and they had to hospitalize her for two days. I took her back for a follow up visit with the vet today and they're really concerned that she's not eating or drinking normally. Despite the fact that her kidney levels are totally normal again, if she doesn't improve on the eating/drinking front in about 3-4 days, then we'll have to think about sending her to the Rainbow Bridge. That's when quality of life issues come into play and that's just not cool with me to play around with.

It sucks. This came out of nowhere and now I've got less than a week to see some improvement before having to make one of the biggest decisions ever. I strongly believe that your pet will "tell you" when it's time for them to go and I'm not getting of those signals yet. This is all just so sudden. Anyway. Just wanted to say hi and thanks for the blogger reminders/nags. More to come soon, I promise. Hopefully with a happier bent. Stay tuned and send good thoughts for Puffster.