Saturday, February 16, 2008

Beth's Other BFF, George Michael. No, not THAT George Michael

So I guess Beth has been living under a rock, but I just now found out that Michael Cera of "Arrested Development" and "Juno" had this bizarrely addictive and hilarious Internet series called "Clark and Michael." Um, have you seen this thing, World at Large? It's worth spending some time with, if only to see the two guys frolicking a la "Three's Company during the opening credits.

I confess I haven't seen Juno or Superbad, but I did develop a pretty strong obsession with Mr. Cera during his stint at Arrested Development. He may be some sort of super comedic boy genius. Sure he was born in 1988 which makes me feel a wee bit dirty/Mrs. Robinson-esque, but hey, it's not like I want to do anything particularly naughty with him. Maybe a light saber fight in his garage while he's dressed up like George Michael and I'm dressed up like Anne, but that's it.
Um, was that weird fantasty maybe a little too specific there? It's time to go to bed....

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