Sunday, February 03, 2008

Update on Puffster

Hey kids.

Yeah, I know. Almost two months since lastt I blogged and boy have I heard about it. The fact is, there haven't been a lot of quirky amusing stories worth blogging about - the holidays came and were is plugging along (stressful as always)'s just same ol', same ol'.

But I've got an update on Mrs. Puff that I wanted to share since I've only told a few about this so far. The Puffster's got "kidney insufficiency." I took her to the emergency room last weekend because she wouldn't stop barfing, and they had to hospitalize her for two days. I took her back for a follow up visit with the vet today and they're really concerned that she's not eating or drinking normally. Despite the fact that her kidney levels are totally normal again, if she doesn't improve on the eating/drinking front in about 3-4 days, then we'll have to think about sending her to the Rainbow Bridge. That's when quality of life issues come into play and that's just not cool with me to play around with.

It sucks. This came out of nowhere and now I've got less than a week to see some improvement before having to make one of the biggest decisions ever. I strongly believe that your pet will "tell you" when it's time for them to go and I'm not getting of those signals yet. This is all just so sudden. Anyway. Just wanted to say hi and thanks for the blogger reminders/nags. More to come soon, I promise. Hopefully with a happier bent. Stay tuned and send good thoughts for Puffster.


Kate said...

Poor Mrs. Puff - I'm sending my best...I know how much she means to you. Tell her that I'm going to send Henrie after her if she doesn't start eating...

Rachel said...

Bummer to have you return to your blog with sad news of Mrs. Puff. Here's hoping she rallies.