Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Update about my new boyfriend TiVo

He apparently thinks I’m five years old. My TiVo recommendations are all from Nickelodeon, including Dora the Explorer, Go, Diego, Go, and something called "Squirrel Boy."

Thanks a lot, Season Pass of “Family Guy” and “South Park." Way to confuse my new boyfriend.


Rena said...

Okay, I might be living in the backwoods of Colorado, but I think I would have heard of the term "Haystack Rock"!!?? Rock music for building haystacks? for sitting on haystacks? for dancing around haystacks? A haystack that resembles a rock???? Explanation from Seattle needed please.

MegaZone said...

New TiVos are like new puppies, they need training. :-)

If it records anything you do not like, give it *one* thumb down and it won't record that show as a Suggestion again, and it'll learn. The more shows you rate, up or down, the better. So if you're ever bored, you can Browse by Title, start with the '0's at the top, and just scroll through rating anything that catches your fancy. Just don't use two or three thumbs down much, if at all, it is strong poison.