Monday, February 26, 2007

Flu. Flu bad. Beth Hate Flu.

I swear Saturday morning I was FINE. Totally FINE. And then it hit me like a truckload of bricks. Really angry bricks. And then the sweating started. And then the freezing started. And then I wanted to sleep for four weeks. And then I realized I had the freakin' flu. I was totally incapacitated by 6:30 that night.

I went online to see what I should take for this and how long I was going to be out for....and that's when I saw this new Flu Facts campaign. Look, it was helpful and all finding out the various symptoms of the flu - it confirmed what I had already suspected, but a few questions spring to mind:

Why is the penguin from Happy Feet advertising anti-viral medication? I mean he's snuggly and all, but....What did it do wrong that it couldn't get on a Happy Meal box like every other Disney character in history?

Anyway. I'm better now. Two Nyquil-heavy days of moaning and aching and whining, but I'm better. I'm still confused about the penguins.


Anonymous said...

SSB, the greenlake gals were musing that we had no idea you drove a chevette in high school. You think you know someone!

Rena said...

Bessie was beautiful.
Bessie was our friend.
I remember cheering her on as she chugged up the hills of Lakewood hauling us to our intended destination of Southwest Plaza, 7-11, Cost Plus, The Armadillo, or Wax Traxx Records, "you can DO IT Bessie!! We believe in you!"

Good memories...
May she rest in peace.