Saturday, August 11, 2007

Beth’s fake nails: Fuhgettaboutit!

And so, just as The Soprano’s ended its triumphant run on HBO, my experience with having acrylic nails has come to as close as well. RIP, Carmela-inspired talons!

Let’s face it….they weren’t really ME to begin with. I’m all for the idea of taking better care of my appearance and spending more time pampering myself…but I’m not sure if having to deal with “fills” and “sets” is worth the trouble. The removal process itself was a little alarming, in that you soak your fingertips in a clear toxic liquid that basically melts the plastic off of your nails. That. Can’t. Be. Healthy.

Also, noting that on the manicurist’s table where I was undergoing the removal/melting process, I noticed the little jar of acrylic powder which was (hopefully?) mis-labeled as “ACRYLIC POWER.” Have I just had some of my power taken away by a $10 process at my "Fancy Fingers" salon? Let’s hope I stay strong after the process….

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Rena said...

Adara just went through the exact same experience with fake nails. She begged and pleaded so much that I finally gave in and allowed her to buy some cheap Claire's pink flowery air-brushed glue-on nails. They lasted a total of probably 12 hours and then she was sick of them and wanted them off. I, then proceeded to buy that crazy toxic liquid to loosen them and then had to pry them off her own nails.
It wasn't a pretty sight. It was a fiasco! She and I both vowed it would never be done again.
It is a luxury that is Definitely Not worth the hassle!