Sunday, April 20, 2008

I'm not proud of this....

...but first of all, I just learned about MTV's "The Hills" like less than a month ago and it has proven to be more addictive than a vial of crack stuffed inside of a Twinkie and sprinkled with Oxycontin and soaked in heroin (a combination I would imagine to be very, very addictive).

So here I am, just now learning who Spencer is and who Lauren is and why they talk the way they do and struggling to figure out how she makes out with someone with that weird flesh colored beard, but I digress. While the rest of the world has been watching this insanity for two seasons, I'm just now looping myself in in the middle of Season Three. I am so, like, totally behind the curve, yah?

And then - God Bless You Broadband! - I just learned tonight that features full episodes of The Hills that you can download and watch online. The whole series to date. Right there at my fingertips.

I can feel the brain cells slipping away now. Don't say you haven't been warned if I start talking like a 19 year old socialite because it will only mean that I have been watching this show for the next 458 consecutive hours.

How is it that MTV was able to make me fall in love with it all over again a mere 20 years after Kevin and Julie had their argument about racism on the front steps of their luxury loft on the first season of The Real World? Don't make me quit you, MTV. Seriously, it's for realsies this time.


Anonymous said...

I am 34 and proud to say I've never missed an episode of The Hills. You are in good company with your addiction. :-) A bottle of red wine, a little online shopping while watching The Hills = a perfect Monday night!

BTW, the city of Seattle says your visit was too short and you need to come back more often. And remember, "Do you like things that are awesome?"


Anonymous said...

Can i also comment on learning that Michael Cera was born in 1988! I seriously have shoes older than him.

Does not dilute my love for him and the ridiculous amount of talent he has at 19.

Hmm, starting to get a complex about how much SSB has accomplished in her life that spans twice as long as his.