Saturday, July 26, 2008

Pop Quiz: Denver Edition, V. 2

Pop Quiz, Hot Shots! (Yes, again.)
Question: During a recent trip to Denver, which of the following activities did Beth NOT do?

A.) Had a hot guy that looked an awful lot like Ryan Reynolds sit next to her in a SmartCar while being given a demo of the car's features?
B.) Finally watched "Flight of the Concords" and started to understand what all the fuss is about?
C.) Drove to the Tattered Cover and bored her mom senseless while surveying the bargain books section for almost an hour?
D.) Learned about glitter tattoos and substituted merlot for the more popular grape Kool-Aid at a barbeque for her dad's birthday?
ANSWER: Well it's ANOTHER trick question, naturally! I did all of those things during my visit. And I'm seriously not lying about the guy that looked like Ryan Reynolds. That SmartCar is a Guy Magnet, I have got to pick one up. I'm also not lying about the glitter tattoos, though I'm not so sure I need to pick one of those up anytime soon.

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Christine said...

Oh yes, The Great Wall is where you ate! I know it well. I would spend $13 on eating just the fried biscuits with sugar! And Tipsy's, I live in the neighborhood, just across the street! Within walking distance, or even stumbling distance! I am glad you had a chance to spend time with your family!