Thursday, January 03, 2013

You Can't Make This Stuff Up

Happy 2013, blogosphere. I see we have quite a crowd of folks lined up outside to re-enter the World of Beth - many of whom have camped overnight and have tears streaming down their faces at the thought of hearing my random thoughts and stories. Wait no more, universe! I am back! Huzzah!

Why return now, many of you might ask? Well, it's the start of the new year and time to implement some resolutions. Plus, I'm unemployed and when else will I have this much time to share stories about my chiweenie Franklin?

The main reason, though, is the thousands of emails and letters and phone calls and texts and faxes I received from all over the world, from people just like you, begging me to re-start the blog. Okay, that's maybe not so true.

Actually (and this really is true) my therapist said to me recently, "Have you ever thought about writing a book?" And something clicked in my head - because when your THERAPIST, the licensed medical professional you share all your super crazy talk with, tells you that you have some good material for a book, you can't walk away from that. "I think you'd be really good at it," she said....and all I could do was wonder what I had just blabbered on about that hour that made her think "YOU CANNOT BE MAKING THIS STUFF UP; SOMEONE NEEDS TO WRITE THIS SHIT DOWN."

So really, I'm just carrying out my civic responsibility to share the crazy stuff that happens to me. Enjoy!


Jen said...

First of all, welcome back to the blogosphere! You know I need things to read while I'm supposed to be working.
I agree about the book, but not based on the angle your therapist may be looking at. I say to you - have you seen the sheer amount of total crap/shit out there??!! You can TOTALLY do better than that. I actually bought a book for Mark as a stocking stuffer. It's just a compilation of pictures and descriptions of everything he ate for a whole year. Granted, it was at the dollar store, but everyone has to start somewhere, right?

Jen said...

Should specify the 'he' is the author of the book.