Sunday, May 05, 2013

80 Degrees & Seattle's Happy

We're easy to please in Seattle; all it takes is some simple daylight and warmth and we're positively giddy. Like, take your woolen socks off and wear your Birkenstocks with bare feet kind of giddy. Its sunny! It's the best!

Franklin has re-discovered the patio, after six months of cold and wet, and absolutely loves it. I repotted a plant this morning and he went right to hoovering up the potting soil and wagging his tail and smiling at me like, "Warm outside is the BEST!"

I bring up the BEST because as I fell asleep last night I started making a list in my head of Things That Are The Best. As in, things that never get old or tiresome - things that are reliably awesome every single time, things you enjoy down to the very bottom of your toes. So far, I've come up with (in no order):

1.) Franklin
2.) That first cup of coffee in the morning
3.) Maui
4.) Snorkeling
5.) Stouffer's frozen lasagne
6.) Enchiladas
7.) London
8.) Losing weight
9.) Making out like a sloppy nervous teenager
10.) That feeling when your whole house is clean
11.) Laying in the sun and feeling your skin get warm
12.) Walking barefoot in the grass
13.) Fresh clean sheets
14.) Holding your hand against a cat while they purr
15.) Naps
16.) Massages
17.) No alarm clocks
18.) The color between blue and purple (blurple?), or maybe turquoise and lavender (lavenquoise?)
19.) The smell of Playdoh
20.) Those monkeys in Japan that hang out in hot springs in the winter ("hot tub monkeys")

What's on your list?

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