Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Two random items/thoughts this morning:

1.) My houseguest/oldest wisest friend Jen packed up her ENORMOUS backpack and headed back home today. Sniff. So good to see her again and have more than just a rushed dinner together over the holidays. The importance of just hanging out and being with friends cannot be overemphasized. I forget that too often -- that it doesn't have to be some complicated elaborate swirl of activities...its just the quiet chill time that is often the best.

2.) Dahlings -- who among us doesn't want to be toting around their goodies in a Hermes Birkin bag? And yet who among us has a spare $8,000 laying around? Are you kidding? For a BAG? Check out this great site that offers adorable knockoffs for a mere $50. I feel its my civic duty to offer this resource to the Birkin-impaired.

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