Saturday, July 17, 2004

Happy, happy day. As I was scurrying around doing errands today, I found myself absolutely obsessed with finding a bowl of Pho soup. Had to have it. Would die if I didn't have it. That type of craving.
I recalled about a year ago I had gone to this little restaurant in a strip mall when I was coming down with a foul, foul headcold. Sniffling and shaking and feverish, I ordered the soup...handed over my debit card and was told you had to buy at least $10 worth before you could use a card. I think I started crying. I definitely lost it. All I know is that the guy took pity on me and let me pay without the minimum.
So I returned to my little strip mall place, happy to give this nice guy my business again and satisfying the craving all at the same time, plus adding in a little squid with garlic sauce to the deal. DELISH!

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