Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Time once again for Frequently Asked Questions!

Q: Are there any good drinking games that I can play while watching Dawson's Creek?

A: Yes. I suggest that you set yourself up with a few episodes, your beverage of choice and take a drink whenever:

* Anyone uses the term "soul mate."
* Dawson touches his enormous forehead.
* A person crawls into Dawson's bedroom window.
* Anyone cries. Bonus sip if this person is Dawson.
* Grams says "Oh, Jennifah!" Bonus three sips if Jen replies back with "Dammit Grams! I don't want your judgment, I just want your understanding!"
* Pacey speaks in his really really bad Bawstan accent.
* Joey tucks her hair behind her ears and bites her lip and looks worried.
* Mr. Leery, AKA Meathead, is on screen. Five extra sips if Gail "Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment" Leery is on with Meathead. You'll need it to numb the pain.

I think you'll find yourself very happy by the end of the episode.

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