Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Body Modification Alert

So maybe I’ve just be watching too much Miami Ink and developing way too much of a crush on Chris Nunez and Garver, but I’ve got the tattoo bug. BIG. TIME. No rash decisions yet, I’m just thinking about it and trying to psych myself up for actually taking the plunge.

I’m throwing around some ideas for what I want and trying to think of where to put it on my body. Right now I’m leaning towards the image of Jack Kerouac’s Underwood typewriter (worthy of a posting in itself), surrounded by Saucer Magnolia Blossoms (another post in itself). But where to put it on me where it will still be appropriate in a professional setting is the challenge.

Ideas? Suggestions? If you’ve gotten a tattoo in Seattle and liked the experience, let me know where you went and who you liked. Hell, if you’ve gotten ink anywhere and liked it let me know too in case I’m traveling somewhere and inspiration/madness hits me.


Rena said...

Wwweeelllll....there are tons of good tattoo parlors in Denver, I could search out the best one for you. And, I would absolutely love to add to my own tattoo collection with you if you so desired to get inked in Denver. There are a few new designs I have been waiting years to get and it would be sooo great to get tattooed together!
It's been wayyyy too long since my last one.
P.S. I love Miami Ink too and it would be well worth the two-year wait to get tattooed by Garver or Kat. Now, if only I had an extra thousand dollars.....

ginny said...

Bethers, I really like this tat idea. I think that you should go with something that really enbodies your personality: like soulmates holding hands on the beach, or maybe a kitten or bunny, or how about a GIANT STINGRAY mid-flight!! We can discuss this in more detail, while we are FULLY clothed, in Napa over wine flights and olive oil tastings. Maybe you can get the GLH gang to finally get around to their 30th b-day (long past now, I'm closer to 30 than they are) celebratory tats as well.