Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Plouf! Jen visits San Francisco

It's always nice to have friends visit you, but when you're t-minus one week from moving and in desperate need of an extra pair of hands, it's especially welcome. A World of Beth shout out is due to Jen, who helped to kick off the packing process and did not even blink when she had to put hundreds of books into boxes during her vacation.

But speaking of vacation, I must say there were several highlights during her visit that I quite enjoyed - dinner at Plouf on Belden Lane, viewing the city from atop of Coit Tower, finally eating breakfast at Mama's on Washington Square, taking photos of my 9x bus route through Chinatown and watching The Lost Boys during a lazy afternoon. All good stuff - now to get the rest of the apartment packed up in the next few days and then to hit the road on Saturday afternoon!

Full speed ahead....

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Dave said...

So you're back in Denver now, I take it? Hope the move went great; I know how you were looking forward to this! ;)