Saturday, June 13, 2009


As a lazy person with copious amounts of free time on her hands these days, I find myself chilling around the apartment doing one of two things: watching bad TV infomercials and/or watching bad Internet video.

I must say I've become a wee bit addicted to what I can only call celebrity devotional videos on You Tube. This is a fairly new concept to the World of Beth, though apparently every 14 year old girl worth her salt can paste together a 3-minute movie montage of scenes with her favorite teen heartthrob and set it to dreamy music. Back in my day (shaking my cane in anger), when we were obsessed with a boy, we cut out pictures from Tiger Beat magazine and pasted those pictures in our lockers. This whole video montage tribute idea kind of makes my head hurt. The fact that Tiger Beat is now online also makes my head hurt.

As a side note, I do find those videos very convenient, if you're, say, ever-so slightly obsessed with Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl. Never mind that he's the naughtiest dreamboat to hit primetime and that his eyes turn your knees to Jell-O or you're in your thirties and he's 17, or that it would never work between you because his heart belongs to Blair, or that he's, say, entirely fictional, I digress...I'm just sayin' - to the 14-year-old girls in the Midwest that are putting together these very cheesy videos of Chuck Bass in their parents' basements, I THANK YOU.

I hear Billy Mays screaming at me from the other room - I need to catch up on my infomercial viewing...

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Rock on girlfriend!