Monday, December 18, 2006

A SparkPeople Shoutout

It would be downright un-American of me not to want to start the new year off with the resolution to be healthier and more active in 2007, so I’m passing along this little gem of a Website onto my loyal readers in case they’re wanting to do the same.

SparkPeople is free (cheapskates rejoice!) and is one of the comprehensive and legit diet/fitness sites out there from what I can tell. Plus it offers up customized weekly meal plans, grocery lists, exercise plans and more goal charting resources than I can get my head around. Plus, a Best Of The Web award from BusinessWeek ain't bad either.

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iMarketeer said...

Hey, this blog post has inspired me. Do you mind if I pass along the content to some other SparPeople members as a way to tell their friends and family about SparkPeople. I'll even pay you with a SparkPeople shirt :) Just email me your address to grant at or you send me a sparkmail: to UN GrantM

Grant Miller