Friday, December 29, 2006

'Tis the season for thank you notes

After looking over my posts from this week I'm starting to realize that I sound awfully cranky and whiny, so here is a sorely inadequate list of thank you's that need to go out for folks who have been warm and fuzzy lately and throughout the year:
  • To my friends, who don't give up on me when I get all asocial and need my "special alone time," as well as when I get all yakky and hyper and sassy and biotch-y.
  • For anyone who has seen me do my "PR laugh" non-ironically and not vomited a little in their mouth
  • To anyone who has been present when I announce, loudly, that I am drunk and has not run screaming in the other direction.
  • To red wine, for helping me find the path to announcing that I am drunk.
  • For the Shar-Pei dog across the yard at my mom's house, who offers me literally hours of amusement while having my morning coffee.
  • For my mom, for buying me Starbucks so that I won't have to drink Folger's as my morning coffee.
  • For Mrs. Puff, who teaches me in no uncertain terms the importance of not straying too far from home for too long.
  • For my jeans, who so far have not miraculously split in half out of protest.
  • For Flexcar and Target and Trader Joes, for being there.
  • To pandas, otters, harp seals, polar bears and animals that wear clothes, for being so freakishly, ridiculously CUTE.
  • To Brie and French bread, just for being you.
  • For the loyal readers of the World of Beth, whoever you are, and for whatever it is that keeps you coming back for more.

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