Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Apparently the “New Year! New You!” mantra that’s big this time of year doesn’t exactly translate to “New Blog Posts!” from the World of Beth. Okay, okay, I get it. I’m baaaaack! So what has Beth been up to for the past three weeks or so?

Getting snowed in. First two blizzards hit me in Denver, now we’re on our third (or fourth? Fifth?) snowstorm in Seattle of the season. Enough. Seriously.

Reading. Well what the heck else are you supposed to do when you’re snowed in? I’ve plowed through some good books lately, including Hypocrite in a Pouffy White Dress, Bitter is the New Black, Slammerkin and Tulip Fever. Also spending some time on a preppy Republican sorority girl's Website, which is pretty flippin' funny, despite how much I want to smack her sometimes.

Working on the New Me! In the New Year!. Yes, I’m trying to be healthy this year, like everyone else in the free world. I’ve been walking on my treadmill 4-5 times a week and so far I’ve lost three pounds! Yay! Which I gained back this week somehow. Boo! Snaps and props go out to the kind folks at SparkPeople, though, who sent me a kick-ass pedometer, water bottle and t-shirt. You guys rock!

Shopping online. Again, we’ve been snowed in a lot, lately. In addition to massive book-related purchases, I’ve also found Endless.com, which is Amazon’s shoe department extending into a separate website. The kicker is that they offer FREE overnight shipping. Find shoes. Click and buy shoes. Wear shoes the VERY NEXT DAY.

Being outraged by the movie "Friends With Money." Most. Depressing. Film. EVER. It takes a pretty ridiculous, sad, pointless film to make me hate every actress in it, especially since all of them normally kick ass. Catherine, Jennifer, Joan and Francis, I'm talking to you.

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Rena said...

I have a movie recommendation for the Seattle snow bunny-- The Last Kiss, Zach Braff's new movie. Really good, I love a movie that makes me cry! I know you like him and he did a great job with this one, but you may not like him much by the end of it. Let me know what you think!