Thursday, January 25, 2007

Actually, Kleenex, I prefer to Keep It All Inside

So there I was, flipping through the latest issue of Allure, when I saw this weird ad from Kleenex that featured four very stoic/dead-inside looking people, covered by flaps of paper that opened, revealing alternative pictures of these people as crazed, psychotic, emotional, teary freakshows.

They've come out with this new campaign all around "Let It Out," - which encourages people to stop restraining their emotions and feelings and, well Let It All Out. By weeping openly (and using Kleenex), by getting so angry you barf (and use Kleenex), by laughing until you drool (and, medical counsel?). You get the picture. As a person of Danish ancestry (a group that's not exactly known for its giddy, raucous, emotional outbursts), this concept could not be more foreign to me.

But. Still. Like a good consumer, I trekked on over this morning to Let It, only to find videos and pictures that Nonstable People have submitted to Kleenex as well as a blog where you can read still more about this weird concept.

First the oval box transformation, now this invitation to abandon social decorum and personal dignity? Kleenex, what's up with you?

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