Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Actually, Britney, I really CANNOT, under any circumstance, handle your truth

Hi again kids. Beth returns! Beth is alive! Given my lack of posting lately, I've decided to go with one randomly-ordered update to keep my loyal readers in the know:

1.) Britney's reality show. Yes, I watched it. It made me feel like the mentally challenged Rosie O'Donnell riding the bus around town. These are not emotions you want stirred up when you're watching television, folks.

2.) I am pleased to report that I am back in the habit of writing morning pages before work. At the risk of sounding all self-helpy, I find that they're really a great way to get myself more "centered" before I head out and face the day.

3.) I went to Portland (okay, Hillsboro) this weekend to help a friend look for a new apartment. Low rents. Ginormous townhomes with beautiful kitchens and fireplaces and patios. Am feeling very low as I now trudge around my 500-square-foot studio in Seattle that is completely void of hip contemporary furniture. Siiiiiiigh.

4.) Rest assured that Beth is looking into getting the comment capabilities fixed on this damned blog.

5.) The new job continues to surprise and amaze me with the unheard-of concept that one's job truly does not have to suck and depress them in a soul crushing, mind numbing manner. It's a concept I have literally never experienced before.

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