Friday, May 06, 2005

NBC's The Office

Have you people been watching this show? I have been meaning to write about it for sometime, but kept forgetting. I have mixed feelings:

POSITIVE : Steve Carell is hilarious.
NEGATIVE : I miss Ricky Gervais. Brilliant as he may be, I'm not sure Steve measures up to the genius that Ricky provided.

POSITIVE: The US show is actually okay to watch and does a good job of capturing the awkward squirmyness factor of the British version.
NEGATIVE: The US show is okay because it is a carbon copy of the British version (note catchy brilliant pun because the show is set in a paper factory). There seem to be absolutely no changes at all made. Just different faces and accents. The intro music is even similar. The adorable young pup still has a crush on the adorable receptionist chick. The Gareth character is still Gareth-like.

NEGATIVE: GOD I MISS GARETH. Can I mention that he, the character of Gareth, has his own Webpage?
NEGATIVE: GOD I MISS TIM, TOO. How frickin' adorable was he?

I think I just made up my mind about the US show. Without Gareth and Tim, I think Beth has to say thumbs down to the US version, even with the antics of Steve Carell.

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