Friday, January 13, 2006

Best. Quote. Ever.

I got together with a friend for a poetry reading last night who I had not seen since waaaaay back during the summer. As we sat sipping coffee and catching up on our adventures, I found myself babbling in that nervous way I do where I do nothing but mock and make fun of myself in an attempt to set the other party at ease. It's self-deprication in its most extreme form. I think I'm trying to be funny? Maybe? Sort of?

So anyway, my friend kept listening to me rambling on about how many classes I should be taking and how much more I should be travelling and all of the things I wanted to be doing this year but hadn't gotten around to, and she interrupted me and said, gently, "Stop. You're should-ing all over yourself."

What a wonderful thing to say. I felt instantly at ease, like I could exhale and relax all of my muscles. It was a nice reminder for me to be a little more forgiving and kind with myself. Nice lesson learned. Stop should-ing.


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