Tuesday, January 10, 2006

STEVE-worthy reading

Third consecutive entry about reading and books. Perhaps 2006 will be the year of reading and not-so-much with the mythical activity/fitness/social interaction scene I keep hearing so much about?

After a year of sitting on my IKEA Billy bookshelf, I’ve finally started reading The Know It All, a great read for those members of STEVE, which is (duh) the Smarter Than Everybody Else Club. A guy reads his way through the entire Encyclopedia Britannica. The whole thing. A-Z. He’s unabashedly proud of being smarter than everyone else. Godspeed, A.J. Jacobs, Godspeed.

I especially enjoy the fact that one of Jacobs’ main motivators for this project came from the fact that he felt himself getting progressively dumber the longer he was away from school, a topic I can relate to all-too well. He’s got a great essay on Powell’s site here.

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