Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Oprah's Revenge

God, did I mock Oprah yesterday. I read about her whole car giveaway show and about some homeless girl who she gave a full scholarship to and rolled my eyes. Whatever Oprah. Clearly I was in the wrong studio audience yesterday because I was still on the B.O.-scented bus heading home.

And then. Then.

I got home and turned on the tube to watch the Oprah episode that I had so flippantly mocked. And sobbed like a little baby through the whole thing. My God, that homeless girl? Who only wanted more than anything in the world to HUG OPRAH? And there she was, HUGGING OPRAH right in front of me while my heart burst with joy for her? And the foster mom that was going to -- guh, guh -- be evicted with her eight kids and then suddenly Gail King was standing there on her porch with a giant check handing it to her while her hands shook? "It's a pretty good day today," Gail said to her and I sat on the sofa with tears streaming down my face thinking "MY GOD GAIL IT IS TRULY A GREAT DAY!" I am tearing up just thinking about it.

Damn you Oprah and your whole un-abashed generosity thang. You make life hard for us cynics.

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