Friday, September 24, 2004

Think Good Wonder Thoughts

This blog promises the adventures of Thomas the Wonder Cat. Lately the only adventure I have had with said Wonder Cat is trying to get him to EAT.

He. Just. Won't. Eat.

He's just lost all interest in eating. Doesn't even try some days. One day we were eating fine. The next we just stopped caring about food. It's frustrating, it's scary, it's confusing and it's starting to freak me out. He's losing weight, you can feel his hip bones and spine. I am convinced he has a brain tumor, or rotting infected teeth, or a blood disorder, or any number of scary, horrific expensive problems that I won't be able to make better. For this I feel like a crappy owner that should have taken her cat to the vet in the first place when this had all just started.

So I've sucked it up and made a vet appointment for tomorrow morning. Yes, THAT will be fun and I'm going to be weeping all the way there in my Flexcar because of the pitiful screeching that will be coming from my cardboard Kitty Karryall trying to tell my orange cat that it will really, seriously, swear to God, be okay.

Any good vibes for the Wonder Robot Cat would be super duper duper.

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