Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Beth's Crush on a Man-Fawn

If you’re like me, then the entire time you were watching “Chronicles of Narnia” all you could think about how that Mr. Tumnus was one DAMNED ADORABLE man-slash-fawn wearing his twee little woolen scarf and prancing around his quaint meterosexual tree condo. How cute was he, I ask you? Mr. Tumnus? Hello, more like Mr. YUMNUS! Being all doe-eyed and preppy as though Bambi and Josh Charles of Sports Night/Dead Poet’s Society had spawned themslves one sweet, although slightly namby-pamby and morally questionable tea-drinking mythical man-slash-fawn.

Okay. Phew. I realize this is conversation heading into a strange and possibly bad place. My point, all animal/human hybridization proposals aside, is that James McAvoy, the Cutey McCuterson in Narnia is, well, um, awfully cute.

He’s also a fire eater. Yes. A fire eater. And he loves rugby. And Damian Rice. And the Goonies. Beth has officially found herself a new crush.

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Dave said...

Kudos for being able to pay that much attention through the smell of that drunk who was next to us!