Saturday, April 08, 2006

Open Letter to the Music Store Employee That Bought Some Of My CD's This Morning And Mocked The Remainder


Seriously, dude. That attitude is NOT COOL.

I do not at all appreciate your snarky tone and "I'm-like-so-more-ironic-than-thou" hipster judgment when looking over my CDs. I realize that some of the CDs I brought in were (gasp!) slightly uncool, but doesn't your hipster mind grasp that's why I was trying to unload them in the first place? Could you not have been slightly more accomodating to a customer looking to freshen up her music selection, rather than snickering over the CDs you clearly don't approve of or enjoy?

Whatever, man. I'm outta here.

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Dave said...

Hope you got in touch with the store manager and told him/her that they won't be getting your business again without a lavish apology and/or some free stuff!