Thursday, October 07, 2004

The Plan, Stan

The agenda for a trip to Vancouver with Beth (as several people can attest to):

1.) Start your day by going to Lush and getting all sorts of smelly girlie bathy goodness.
2.) Eat at Hon's on Robson. Get the wonton soup. Eat shrimp dumplings. Overdo it on the hot chili oil and swear that you're never going to do that again. Do it again the next time you go.
3.) Eat at Tsunami Sushi with the floating boats. Drink sake. Get tipsy.
4.) Walk your slightly tipsy self over to Chapters. Buy lots of mind-numbing Chick Lit books that you can't find the States. Say the phrase "I just can't FIND these in the STATES" like you're in some exotic far off country and not 3 hours up the highway from your house.
5.) Get a massage at Skoah, the world's best spa.
6.) Feel very underdressed and sloppy because you're not wearing (a) fur (b) vinyl or (c) couture .

Repeat every 3-6 months as necessary.

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