Wednesday, October 27, 2004

What a Girl Wants

Sometimes a girl gets tired of reading hipster fiction and she just chucks that weathered Don DeLillo over against the David Foster Wallace section of her Ikea bookshelf and throws up her hands.

Sometimes a girl wants to go out and look through the self help section of her local bookstore and buy up a dozen or so titles to help rejuvenate her life and magically solve every problem she might have been suffering with over the past twenty years.

Which is where our friend the public library comes in. Unlike that episode of Sex and the City where Charlotte realizes she can use Amazon to anonymously buy her embarrassing relationship books, my new friend the public library is even better because I can get them for FREE without having the added stigma of having a whole bookshelf at home devoted to all of my intimate flaws/personal issues for every houseguest to scrounge through.

God, I feel brilliant.

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