Friday, December 10, 2004

On the Topic of Face Transplants in My Living Room

I would like to say for the record that the Discovery Health channel really should come with a warning on it.

Because there I was, flipping through the channels last night, having had a not-so-small glass of Two Buck Chuck, and suddenly there is a shot of a PERSON WITHOUT A FACE. And then, in the next shot, completely seperate from this person, was HER FACE, all sterile and mask-like and SEPERATED FROM HER BODY AND ALL. I mean, JESUS. You can't just spring that on people without any sort of warning, you know? I need to somehow be alerted that if I go to channel 79 that I might, well, see someone without a face.

You can learn about face transplants, if you're brave (and might I recommend not after drinking a few too many glasses of cheap merlot), here:

Apologies to those of you that got the screaming frantic phone call from me about this program.

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