Friday, December 31, 2004

Thanks for the Memories

Yes, it's time for the long-anticipated Beth's End of Year Wrap-up, which at first I heartily resisted, but then decided WHAT THE HELL it's only New Year's Eve once a year.

Overall, 2004 was a good year, dominated by the one consistant theme of change. I said goodbye to a lot of things this year -- my ratty apartment downtown, my battered Honda, my orange Wonder Cat. But in turn, I also welcomed in things like the joys of living in an actual neighborhood, The Amazing Mrs. Puff, and the number 7 bus route.

I complained that I didn't travel much this year, but looking back, it seemed I was off somewhere almost every month. Trade shows in Dallas and New Orleans. Birthday getaway in San Francisco. Summer trips to Vancouver. The World's Best Medieval Wedding in Pueblo. And at least four trips to the homestead for some parental lovin'.

I taught myself to knit. I read all five of the Harry Potter books. I went to the state fair and stood in a room with 400 chickens. I bought some of that damned Lip Venom everyone was talking about. I became obsessed with Dawson's Creek. Listened to The Decemberists almost nonstop. I turned 30. I made homemade jam. I voted (siiiiiiiiigh).

So life, as they say, was good overall. Best wishes to all of you in the coming year -- here's to more good times in 2005!

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