Sunday, January 02, 2005

Resolving to be healthier, Even if it kills me (which it might)

So, like millions of American this New Year's weekend, I am vowing to be healthier and eat better and exercise more in 2005. And along with that comes the resolution that I will drink more water.

To accomplish this, I went on the hunt today for a cheap version of the ever-popular Nalgene bottle. A girl can't be expected to drink her gallon-a-day with just a ghetto juice glass, or 79 cent plastic Dasani bottle, can she? Heck no. So I headed out to my friendly neighborhood drug store in search of a screw-top brightly colored plastic 32-ounce water bottle. No dice. Walked a few more blocks down to my grocery/discount store. Nada. Hoofed it all the way down to my other neighborhood drug store. No water bottles. Went to my grocery store's Tupperware department. Sorry man.

Realizing this was now bordering on obsessive behavior, I became convinced that I would be unable to start my journey to a Healthier Me until I found that damned water bottle. Finally walked all the way downtown with my teeth gritted and fingers freezing to yet ANOTHER drug store. No water bottles! I threw my hands in the air, grumbled audibly and jumped in the nearest Flexcar (which is easier said, than done, can I mention that the parking lot where I got the Flexcar was locked and I had to beg a security guy to let me in? TWICE? ) and headed to Target, where I bought THREE colorful Nalgene rip-offs on sale for $3.59 a peice.

Exhausted and cranky from walking all over Seattle for a plastic water bottle that I clearly DID NOT NEED, I came home and drank 32 ounces of cool water and reflected on the fact that living a healthy life is a tiring business.

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