Monday, January 03, 2005

Evidently my soul mate doesn't work at the downtown Borders

I got a gift card for Borders this Christmas. I love gift cards. I don't get the people that look down on giving cash or gift certificates, as though they're somehow lesser presents. I'll take a gift card over a randomly-chosen melon-scented candle any day.

So with my gift card, I purchased 3 CDs: A collection of lovely Frenchie nightclub music by Yves Montand, the "new" Elliott Smith, and an old White Stripes CD.

Cannot say enough good things about this purchase -- I love all of this new music SO MUCH, but it can be a little jarring to shuffle them up and listen to them all at once. How have I lived this long without any of these in my collection? THANK YOU, PEOPLE WHO GAVE ME A GIFT CARD, YOU HAVE CHOSEN WELL.

And the subject line, about my soulmate? No real reason for that. He just doesn't work there, okay?

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