Tuesday, January 25, 2005

I swear this is not turning into a fitness blog

Okay, so here's a confession. Everyone has guilty pleasures when it comes to convenience food, right? Maybe you're a mac-n-cheeze in a box guy, or a Chef Boyardee gal. I will admit that one my favorite convenience foods is the frozen burrito. I loves me them frozen burritos! Give me a 10-pack of frozen beef and bean burritos and I will eat NOTHING but them for two solid days.

Ahem. So the other day I had this insane craving for the magical frozen burritos. So I bought some. And I ate some. And then I looked at the side of the package and realized that a Snickers bar would have actually been somehow better for me nutritionally than one of those tiny little frozen things. Or at worst, neck-and-neck nutrition wise. Either way, it seemed very disappointing to learn that those little burritos pack such a punch and that for the same caloric number I basically could have eaten nothing but Snickers bars for dinner.

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