Friday, March 11, 2005

A Cat Lady Moment

Being of a certain age (over 30) and a certain marital status (single), I try to make a point of not having long-winded conversations with people about the adorable/annoying things that my cat does. There's a fine line between normal pet owner conversations and Cat Lady conversations and I have crossed over that line on more than one occasion. Like I will right now.

So yesterday morning I noticed that Mrs. Puff has some serious dandruff action going on. She is also shedding like a...thing that sheds a lot. It was not a pretty day for Mrs. Puff. Being as obese as she is, it's tough for her to groom herself. She just seems to have no interest in it, because she knows I will brush her and she is lazy.

So on the way home, I stopped at my fancy-schmancy Capital Hill pet store and bought some pet wipes, which are basically non-toxic Wet-Ones you use on your pet to clean them and condition their fur.

CUE TERRIFYING HORROR MOVIE MUSIC RIGHT NOW. Because the minute those wipes came out of the package, Mrs. Puff's eyeballs popped out of her head and she RAN under the bed as though I had opened up a package of poison-tipped razor blades to insert under her claws. She hid. And screamed. And probably shed tears. And squirmed like she has never been in more pain in her life while I rubbed conditioning NON TOXIC pet cleaner (i.e., not bleach, not acid...) onto her fur. She has no doubt this morning called the ASPCA to alert them of my torturous plans, to (GASP!) WIPE OFF HER DIRTY FUR.

Anyone else had a reaction like this with the whole pet-wipe experience? Anyone at all? Hello, cat ladies?

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