Monday, April 11, 2005

I'll be the one wandering in pajama bottoms with the chocolate milk if anyone asks...

It's interesting that in today's modern world, people still seem shocked when I tell them that I enjoy travelling by myself. The reaction I get when I mention that I've taken vacations on my own -- that's right, folks, I mean solo, alone, companionless -- is always one of total disbelief. You did WHAT? By YOURSELF? What did you DO? I mean, what could you POSSIBLY DO ALL BY YOURSELF IN A CITY?

The short answer to that last question is ANYTHING AT ALL. That's the joy of solo travel -- your schedule is ENTIRELY in your hands. If you want to sleep in until 3 p.m. and then go out in your pajama bottoms to a grocery store to buy a gallon of chocolate milk and then go back to your hotel for more sleep, you CAN. If you want to go to the most culturally enriching museums in the world and then hit ONLY the gift shops, you CAN. Feel like going to a zoo and looking only at panda bears? You CAN. Because there's no one to nag you or keep you on schedule or tell you that there are lots of other animals to see at the zoo besides pandas bears.

Is it self-centered? OF COURSE IT IS! That's the joy of travelling by oneself -- the trip is entirely centered around YOUR needs and wants and desires. Does it get lonely? Sure. I can't handle more than two days in a city on my own, it's just too much. Does it compare with travelling in a group or with your special snugglywuggle doodlebear? Not at all, but then again sometimes that's the whole point.

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