Tuesday, April 26, 2005

One week later

Yes, it's been a week since last I posted on this thing and I was about to start the entry off by apologizing and groveling for forgiveness, but figured HEY. IT'S BEEN A BIG WEEK, OKAY?

I have started the new job and haven't stopped smiling in two days. I'm exhausted. I'm overwelmed. But so far, everything is gooooooood. The honeymoon phase is in full force and I've decided not to focus on when the glass is going to start seeming half empty and instead just enjoy that I have a darned good glass with something tasty in it and that's ENOUGH for now.

A few non job-related items before I forget to enter them into the blogosphere:

1.) JESUS, someone stop me for just using the term "blogosphere." I just felt some bile rise up into my mouth when I typed that. Sorry sorry sorry.

2.) Does it bother/disturb anyone else out there that Old Navy is using Young MC's classic "Bust A Move" for their summer tunic campaign ("Just Bust a Tunic!")? Surely Tone Loc's "Funky Cold Medina" is just one step away from being "Funky Cold Capris-a"? Siiiiiiigh. It's not like I'm some old school hip hop expert, but that just seems kind of sad.

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