Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Simple joys and change in the air

Today I sat down and ate lunch in a restaurant. Okay, not an actual restaurant. I went to the little food court near my office, ordered my chicken Phad See Eew like I always do and I sat down and ate it in the tiny Thai restaurant. Then I got up and returned to work.

This might seem like a normal, even daily activity. But it was the first time in more than three years that I did not immediately race back to my desk with my food, hurry and snarf it down in three bites in front of my computer, and then immediately return to working.

It was so out of my normal routine that it felt rebellious, like shoplifting. But it was a tiny change that signaled the end of one part of my working day and heralded the beginning of another new one that starts next week.

Sitting down! Eating lunch without feeling sick afterwards! A girl could get used to this.

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