Sunday, June 12, 2005

Perhaps My Domesticity Has Gone Too Far

Yes, I really, honestly, DID make crackers FROM SCRATCH last weekend.

Crackers, you might ask, like Saltines?


Why, you might ask? Who makes homemade crackers?

It's like this, I would say, the only reason I made homemade crackers is because my Mark Bittman "How To Cook Everything" book (which is the best cookbook ever written) said they were (and I quote) "RIDICULOUSLY easy" to make. I took that as a personal challenge. I mean, few things in this world are RIDICULOUS easy to make, short of Jell-O and Top Ramen. I had to call him on that claim. Turns out they ARE NOT all that easy to make, in fact it involves making dough and then using a rolling pin (a rolling pin, for God's Sake, immediately rules out all ridiculous easiness) and then throwing them into the oven for ten minutes.

Not hard, but not in the category of the ridiculous.Not all that flavorful either, but that could be remedied with some kosher salt and rosemary next time.

Siiiiiiiiigh. I need hobbies, fast. I need my soul mate, fast. I am blogging about how to make crackers from scratch, people. MAYDAY. MAYDAY. THIS SHIP IS GOING DOWN.


Jim said...

Soooo, zero comments huh? Well I'll comment, the life of Beth sounds pretty exciting to me. Seattle, huh?

Drumturtle said...

hye! I looked on the web to find out about "making crackers from scratch" and this blog came up. Cool! You're right about the rolling pin! By they way--nice format. I have it for my blog, also! : )