Sunday, June 19, 2005

Squirrelish Goodness

It's been a pretty ordinary week for Beth, so there's not much to post about. Life just keeps plugging along, which is fiiiine by me. A few items to note, however:

I was surfing around looking for fun blogs and found Someday Is Now, a weight-loss blog. It seems pretty entertaining so far, but I think the main sticking point for me was the fact that this woman has calculated her weight loss to date (and still to go) in terms of SQUIRRELS. Hot damn, that's enough to get me coming back to it every single day.

How much Alone In Your Apartment Time does it take before one can officially be considered agoraphobic? Methinks I am on the edge.

Better head out and burn off a few squirrels.

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Jim said...

Tom Cruise told me if I didn't leave a comment the ghost of L. Ron Hubbard would descend from the heavens and melt my brain