Tuesday, August 10, 2004

I was feeling mighty, mighty blue tonight; a little crispy around the edges.

So I sat in my chair for a good ten minutes staring blankly at the floor like a mental patient and then got up and went to the store, because when a girl's feeling depressed the last thing she needs is to open up a refridgerator and see nothing in it but capers and Thai hot sauce. Ain't nothing you can make with those. On my walk I saw:

1.) A woman getting the keys to a new BMW, which made me very happy and proud for her, even if it is a pretentious status symbol there was still a part of me that thought "You GO girl in your pretentious Euro car, you've earned it."
2.) An electric blue dildo. (NOTE: It was in the window of a sex store, not lying there on the street or anything)
3.) A corgi waiting outside of the store for its owner with a ridiculous grin on its mug.
4.) A hip little fabric store, where three adorable prepster men were actually sitting at sewing machines and actually sewing.

I feel much better somehow.

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