Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Week One of South Beach is done and I don't feel transformed beyond recognition. People are not stopping me on the street telling me I look fabulous and visits thus far by potential soul mates/male supermodels have amounted to zero.

Still, I'm not giving up. But I can say that I've learned the following:

1.) Sugar free Fudgesicles are not as disappointing as one might think.
2.) Sugar free Jell-O, on the other hand, tastes like chemicals and is a foul, foul invention.
3.) While it makes perfect logical sense to have a salad plus a serving of vegetables for lunch and dinner, it's haaaaard to do when you're tiiiiired.
4.) Cooking is haaaaaaard.
5.) Cutting up vegetables is haaaaaaard.

Basically, I've learned that I'm incredibly, incredibly lazy when it comes to preparing healthy balanced meals. I'm also a really good whiner.

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