Saturday, August 28, 2004

Save Your $9

How is it possible that a movie about wife swapping featuring Peter Krause, Mark Ruffalo AND Naomi Watts could be both incredibly boring and painfully unsexy? And yet, that's exactly what "We Don't Live Here Anymore" was. Can I mention again that it featured BOTH Peter Krause and Mark Ruffalo? (Translation: HubbaHubbaHubba) AND it was based on some short stories from Andre Dubus? People, I was looking forward to this movie for WEEKS.

But there I was, in the darkened theater, actually looking at my watch in anticipation of when I could be freed from this boring, depressing, pitiful group of sad, sad people that I never got to care about except for when they would go away and the credits would come rolling up the screen.
One word movie review: BLECH.

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