Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Ask and I Shall Receive

A number of my faithful readers have been asking me what I'd like for Christmas. I feel a little weird and self indulgent putting a list out here for the world to see, but then again this blog is pretty darned self-indulgent, so I figured why the heck not. If I can ramble on and on publically about my daily life, why not provide a few helpful hints for gift giving?

1.) I knit. I'm not afraid to admit that.
2.) I like products from Stila, Kiehl's and Lush.
3.) I swear seriously that next year will be the year I will become a hardbody. No, seriously.
4.) I could live for a mighty long time on red wine, crusty bread and brie.
5.) If I could have a snuggly giant panda for a roommate, that would be awesome.
6.) The smell of sandlewood and/or patchouli is really, really nice.
7.) The Seattle International Film Festival that comes every spring? Now that's a really great international film festival. I'm just sayin'.
8.) You know what's also great? Nice blank books. Spiral bound. Unlined. With funky-ass covers.
9.) Anyone who could provide me with a brand new wardrobe, a European vacation or a luxury car with a parking space on Capital Hill would definitely be my new best friend.
10.) Anything at all from my sweet friends will be absolutely super duper duper.

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