Monday, November 22, 2004

Report from the field, almost literally

I'm sitting in a Kinko's near Clement Park in Littleton at the ungodly hour of, let's see, 6:43 in the morning, feeling like some sort of AP writer frantically typing in her story from some exotic location. Do you see all I go through to support you, loyal blog readers? This is devotion, baby. Or obsession.

Anyway. No coffee yet...just dropped my mother off at work and thought I'd check email. The trip home has been quiet and mellow so far, which is fine by me. We have made the obligatory trip to the mall, with zero success, but have yet to make it to the Olive Garden. Everything I own is already saturated with cigarette smoke and the fact that my mother has an enormous bowl of leftover Halloween candy on her coffee table has not helped my fitness kick. Yes, I COULD just choose not to shove one Reese's Peanut Butter Cup after another into my mouth while watching the Food Network at midnight, but then I would hardly be on vacation, right?

Going home to do errands. More later.

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