Saturday, November 27, 2004

Home, Glorious Home!

Home at last! Home to grey, soggy skies and my obese chatterbox of a cat. Home to grouchy looking hipsters that stare at the sidewalks when they walk by. Hello art collective! Hello overpriced Vietnamese restaurant! Hi there skanky bar that smells like ass-- yahoo I am home! On top of that, my luggage that was once lost, has been found again and delivered to my door, so life is gooooood.

Six days is a long time to be away. Lovely to visit the homestead and see some old friends and family, but it is good to be back. Trips to Denver always give me a refreshed perspective on my life here, which is always good to have in the middle of the holiday madness when you're stressing and trying to get everything done. I always find myself coming back with a new awareness of my city, my surroundings, my friends here. Last night I just laid in bed and stared at my apartment like I hadn't seen it in a long while, taking everything in. Nice feeling.

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