Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Homeland Tour Information

Q: The holidays are upon us -- when does the "2004 Beth In The Homeland" tour kick off?
A: The tour starts next weekend for six full days of homeland goodness, carb consumption and Olive Gardening.

Q: How can I arrange to participate in the Homeland tour?
A: Tickets are available via Xenon Way productions.

Q: What all takes place during the tour?
A: Shopping, eating, drinking, nostalgia, hilarity and the required stopover at Tattered Cover.

Q: Will there be a follow up tour for Christmas?
A: Sadly, probably not. The Christmas tour stops over for a mere 3 days, which will be, let's face it, parentally-focused, and then it's back to the Northwest. You will have to contact Xenon Way productions for information about the grossly-abbreviated Christmas tour.

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