Friday, November 05, 2004

Worth every non-penny I spent

Went to a free screening of the new Bridget Jones movie last night. Can I enthusiastically repeat that it was totally, 100 percent, FREE? Didn't cost me a cent!

As for the actual movie portion, well, can I mention again that it was FREE? That's about all I can say about it. Sure there are amusing parts. Colin Firth is adorable, but he has some of the corniest lines I have ever heard. I actually felt embarrased for him at times. Hugh Grant is very, very naughty and extremely tanned, which distracted me for most of his screen time. The fight scene between the two of them was worth standing in line in the cold for half an hour.

If you can somehow see this movie FOR FREE then it might be worth a few hours of your time. Not much more. Renee has totally plumped up to a bovine-like size six for the part.

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